Where are the standings?

In case you’re still looking here on the ‘Home’ page for everything, all the standings, and a bunch of other stuff, have been moved to their new home in the Menu.  For computers, it should be along the black bar.  For phones etc. look for ‘Menu’ and find the right place there.  This means you don’t have to scroll forever to find most of the stuff you’re looking for.  This Home page will be used for results (Snips), handicaps, and various announcements that don’t fit anywhere in the menu items.

Please have a good look there, and come to golf on Mondays knowing who you’re playing!

July 13 – Playoffs Begin – 6:30 Shotgun Start

I imagine there will be some truants, so we’ll fit in the spares where possible.  If any are left, they can be a second group on Hole 9.  Don’t forget that you need at least one member of your team present to avoid a default loss.  If there are not enough spares to fill the holes, you can let me know before we tee off whose score you want to be used for your missing partner (currently that means you Ted and Art).Foursomes