Mon Apr 20 – Exhibition week 2

As of 9:00 Friday, I’ve got these golfers pledging to come:  Sean, Wayne, Aki, Gord, Jason, Al, Chuck, Tim Brabant, Tim Fournier, Ross, Dave, Rob, Jack, Darryl, Warren, John, Sheldon Harris, Brian, and possibly Art, George B, Adam and Ken.  That’s 22.  We have 5 times starting at 5:00.  If Warren or Dave wanted to make an earlier time to make sure we get all 22 out, that would be great, but probably not necessary.

Gareth is off at 3:36 with Maurizio, Les and George K.

As with last Monday, we’ll pool $5 and do Snips.

Mon Apr 13 – Exhibition season starts!

Inglewood has reserved 4 tee times for us starting at 4:48.  No snips, no official competitions etc, just a chance to scrape off some rust before the start of the season. As of now (9:00 Mon), I have these 18 keeners coming:  Walt, Aki, Randy, Jason, Bruce, Mark, Wayne, Tim F, Sean, Scott, John, Jim, Bill, George B, Art, Adam, Dave, Brian.  That’s two too many, but the weather’s cool enough that I’m sure we’ll be able to squeeze them in.

Gareth will be taking Maurizio, Les and George K at 4:00 and doing 18 holes.

And since no official Snips money is available, I propose this: everyone interested chucks $5 into the pot, and we’ll run a Snips pool.  If no one wins a hole, low net for the round wins the pot.

2015 Annual General Meeting results

President Grant Hunter ran an efficient meeting, clocking in at one hour exactly.  Here are some highlights.

Mark Elliott won the 2014 attendance-incentive competition, and got free dues this year as a result. More proof the UGA is all about just showing up!

The finances are in good shape. Ken’s travelled the globe with our money but we still have a few grand in the bank to play with…

We had one change of sponsor. The Gerry Terhove Memorial Tournament is no longer sponsored by Durwest Construction. Ellis-Don has now stepped up to the plate to take their place.

Some operational changes:

  1. Week 12 is too precious to be used as a tie-breaker week for singles and doubles, so those ties will be broken by Player of the Year values, so that playoffs can begin smartly in Week 12.
  1. The Fall Tournament will undergo a change or two. Rather than make teams on the fly (which was too hard on Brian’s brain), we’ll figure out a way to handicap the teams so they can be made ahead of time OR on the fly. Any player whose partner is a no-show can be put together at the end with another in the same boat without missing a beat. Grant is also angling for a “3-clubs plus putter only” rule, so that will be discussed and decided on during the season.
  1. The Memorial Competition, resurrected last year to a semblance of what it was when Gerry ran it, will undergo one more transformation to make it more visible, and therefore more meaningful and fun. Once the 16 competitors are determined (from the first two weeks), all seven matches will be played face-to-face, allowing the better-ball match play format to be fully experienced. The first round (4 matches) will be on May 25.

Inglewood, at least at the time of meeting, was planning on opening April 8, their earliest ever. Given the snow in the forecast, that might be in jeopardy. But if they do open early, we will still start our official season on April 27 (I’ll publish the schedule when I have more details). However, if they’re open on April 13 or April 20, we will be able to get some golfers out if we want. I’ll be emailing the membership the week before to find out who is interested, so they can reserve enough space for us.

We have a new initiative this year to help out the schedulers: Know-your-partner’s-whereabouts. It consists of two main parts. First, try to touch base with each other every Sunday or Monday, so you both know when or if you’ll be at the first tee. So when you come trundling down the path 10 minutes before your teetime, and Brian asks you where your partner is, you’ll have an answer. Second, if the first part doesn’t happen, you should at least be able to reach your partner by cell on a moment’s notice to find out where he is. Once we get the final contacts list published, please put your partners’ phone nos., along with Brian’s, Grant’s, and Keith’s, into your cell.

And to all you new Spares, don’t let that title mislead you. You can golf every night, and in fact are scheduled to play a singles match every week for the first 11 weeks. The points you earn there are the same as the ones the Regulars earn, so you could easily qualify for the Singles Playoffs. Spare Al Bowerman made it all the way to the final match in Singles last year.